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About Us

SilverKare™ was introduced in the early 1990's. Our passion for colloidal silver is well founded on generations of scientific studies. Here’s a paper listing a few. Our intention since startup has always been to make the finest colloidal silver products on the market. In our first lab, built and with quality research staff and top notch team work, we created a unique and proprietary and stable/consistent 30 PPM colloidal silver product line and today our market continues to expand. The reason we maintain and grow our client base is the winning combination of quality and consistency combined with a fair price.

For instance, one of the many reasons we've got to be proud is the in-vitro study conducted at the University of North Texas, in Denton, Texas. SilverKare 30 PPM (part per million) was compared against 15 PPM. The tests concluded that our 30 PPM colloidal silver products are quickly effective (100% in less than 6 minutes) in treating the well-known MRSA - methicillin resistant strain known as Staphylococcus aureus, and about 14 various bacteria’s and fungi. MRSA is toxic and virulent, spreading quickly. It has now been established that MRSA can live outside of a living organism for three months! SilverKare™ colloidal silver is used in hospitals to stop MRSA in its tracks. Click this link to download the full study results. We make a lot of noise about 30 PPM and it’s important to note this fact. The studies were done with our SilverKare™ 30 PPM. Competitors use this study to point to their product but it was only SilverKare™ versus others with varying amounts of silver-strength. SilverKare™ was the most effective colloidal silver, 100% of the time. We’ve got the graphs to prove this point.

We're located in Dallas, Texas where for the past several decades our colloidal silver products are meticulously manufactured in our clean room facilities. We do not private label other people's product - everything is made right here.

Our line of SilverKare™ is sold in health food stores, pharmacies, and hospitals and everywhere wise people reside.

You can contact us by phone in USA: +01 (972) 484-3400 – in Dallas, Texas – or toll free: (800) 473-1122, Monday - Friday 9-5pm (CST). Fax orders to: (972) 484-3420. Please note: bulk/quantity purchase orders are best arranged by phone.


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