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I love my SilverKare Colloidal Silver!

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I've found so many uses for my SilverKare™ I could write a book about it. I use my SilverKare™ for insect bites (I’m allergic to chiggers… darn things!). I make a poultice with SilverKare™ soaked in cotton and sleep with it overnight. It’s great for treating burns - seems like baking and me are at cross purposes some days. I treat my kitties with SilverKare™ and they never mind and always benefit. I drink it for colds; spray it in my nose for congestion and gargle for sore throat. I soak a cotton ball with SilverKare and put it into an ear for congestion. I spray it on veggies after washing. I bet if I thought about it, I’ve used it on more than 20 different applications. It’s my go-to for anything needing bacterial or viral protection/correction.


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