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In honor of our Founder, James Hadsell


In loving memory of James C. Hadsell.

SilverKare™ was founded over twenty years ago by Mr. James C. Hadsell with the intention of creating the finest colloidal silver products in the world. He worked tirelessly to prove the efficacy of SilverKare™, and delighted in the praise SilverKare™ garnered along the way. This brief letter is written in appreciation of the vision Mr. Hadsell held for a healthier, safer world. He was a kind and generous man and will be missed by many.

Jim held a deep commitment to introduce SilverKare™ to medical professionals, hospitals and doctors, for treating wound care. Now SilverKare is exclusively used in many hospitals and wound care facilities and is the go-to for certain historically tough bacterial challenges. Jim believed in SilverKare, the product, and demonstrated this belief with his contributions to many, many loyal customers including leading health food stores all around the world.

We honor you, Jim. We hold your vision for perfection as the standard to maintain. We will proudly carry the SilverKare™ legacy forward.


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