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Vet uses SilverKare to treat pseudomonas bacteria


………… Oska was our English Springer Spaniel, a family pet.

From the age of two he developed skin problems which meant when he scratched or nibbled himself, it would quickly become infected.He was constantly on antibiotics.

When he reached the age of nine he developed the pseudomonas bacteria in his ears.Antibiotics were tried but the pseudomonas kept returning.At this point we decided to do some research into alternative options.We came across Colloidal Silver.

We were very lucky we had a homoeopathic vet that was prepared to work with us to try and help Oska.We purchased three bottles of Colloidal Silver from three different companies.Two were in the Uk and a third bottle from “SilverKare” a company in Texas USA.

Our vet grew the pseudomonas bacteria in three separate dishes.She treated two with colloidal silver from the UK and the other with “Silverkare” colloidal silver.One dish treated with a colloidal silver from the Uk did kill some of the bacteria but not all. The second dish treated with Colloidal silver from the UK did not kill any of the bacteria. The dish treated with the “Silverkare” colloidal silver killed all the pseudomonas bacteria.On these findings our homoeopathic vet treated Oska.Under an anaesthetic she washed his ears out thoroughly with a saline solution so that the “Silverkare” colloidal silver could get directly on to the bacteria in Oska's ears.The outcome was amazing it cleared the pseudomonas up immediately.It did not return. We treated all his Skin problems with “Silverkare” and it kept the infections under control.

Sadly Oska is no longer with us but “Silverkare” colloidal silver is an important part of not only our dogs first aid box but also our own.....


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