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SilverKare™ 30 PPM Colloidal Silver is proven effective through in-vitro tests for a variety of staph infections and including for MRSA, a virulent challenge to hospitals today. SilverKare™ 30 PPM Colloidal Silver demonstrated 100% flat-line results (see image below). SilverKare™ 30 PPM Colloidal Silver can be used for surface prep, for wound care, burns, cuts, staph infections, ulcers, bed sores; for water treatment and more.


Here’s a link to a study conducted by University of North Texas demonstrating the effectiveness of SilverKare™ and highlighting the fact that pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive in the presence of SilverKare™ 30 PPM Colloidal Silver. This is compared to the less effective 15 PPM colloidal silver, which showed a slight amount of bacteria remained….



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